About me

Copyright Bradley Ambrose

I'm a former press and adventure photographer and cameraman that is nearing the completion of a Bachelor of Education (Primary).

These pages are part of my archive.  Although I no longer shoot professionally, parts of my archive are available for sale to help recoup costs of my now very expensive hobby!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

I started as a press photographer, back in 2003, for a number of daily and weekly publications before moving into video and multimedia eight years ago.

One of the highlights of my career so far (and I’ve had a few) was working with one of New Zealand's top broadcasters, John Campbell, when he was the presenter at Checkpoint with John Campbell.

As the sole videographer/photographer at a Crown Research Institute,  I photographed and filmed 'our science' around biodiversity, biosecurity, our land and our environment.

Prior to study, and over the last decade, I’ve freelanced as a cameraman for Aotearoa New Zealand & international broadcasters, documentary and travel shows and online media. I’ve travelled considerably on assignment filming in extreme and sometime dangerous locations, and have worked extensively inside active volcanoes (read comfortable at heights & heat). I’ve covered tornadoes, super typhoons, cyclones, extreme flooding, earthquakes, tsunami, fires and NZ politics.

My own little Youtube channel has more than 20000 subscribers and over 8 million views.

While not overseas, I used to cover breaking news, (getting through Auckland's traffic on a specially fitted out motorbike) and operated the 'digi' van as well as the SNG for live crosses for one of New Zealand's national news programmes.

I've filmed in Siberia, Ethiopia, Congo, Guatemala, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey's border with Syria and not forgetting Canada and the States. In temperatures as hot as 50 degrees celsius and as cold as minus 50 degrees celsius!

I've won a number of awards for press photography in New Zealand including the TP Sports Photography award for best regional sports portfolio as well as being a finalist in the Qantas Media Awards a number of times including being a finalist in this years society category, in New Zealand's premier photography competition, the NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year (2019).